“GreMet carpentry” is located in a modern building of about 2000 m2, which is specially built for the planned production.

In terms of equipment, we have modern machines and devices such as: SCM VINDOR (window processing center), SCM RECORD T100 (CNC milling machine) URBAN, ELUMATEC, RAPID, FOM Industries, Emmegi, such as. automatic lines with four-head welding machine and CNC cleaner, CNC machining center for aluminum, double and single circular saw, cutting table, glass press, lath cutting device, “clamp” for corner connection, complete line for production of insulating glass and associated machines (front cutter, pantograph, device for cutting and installation of fittings, device for drainage openings, etc.).

The capacity of the line for wood-aluminum is 20 units in one shift, the line for the production of plastic windows and doors is 100 units in one shift, while in the program for aluminum (depending on the type of element) 15 to 30 units per shift.