About company Nelemi Co.

Ever since it was founded, business strategy of “NelemiCo” has been oriented towards achieving the status of a planetary brand, which is reflected through a majority share in the global chinchilla fur trade market.

In addition to the always available quantities which meet the relevant quality standards, development plans are directed towards leadership in quality and product range diversity.
Diversified range of the products offered is committed to meeting and satisfying the requirements and needs of the most fastidious clients, in continuity.
Through the development of its own brands, “NelemiCo” aims to be a synonym of the golden standard in the area of next technological generation of chinchilla fur processing in accordance with the highest environmental standards.
 “Nelemi Co” is ready to respond, at all times, to the requirements of the existing and potential clients, both in terms of product range and in terms of the offer of appropriate quantities.
Dynamic supply concept enables generous stocks with the most diverse range of fur, selected according to the highest criteria in terms of technological and market standards.
Active and flexible business arrangements provide for the fast and quality service in full compliance with the expectations and requirements of our customers.
Professional,, well-trained and helpful personnel are the most valuable assets of the company.
Aiming at strengthening the position of a responsible business entity,”Nelemi Co” supports various projects of socially responsible business practices and corporate philanthropy, both in national and regional frameworks, and much wider.
Nelemi co production of chinchilla skins

Presentation of the brand Diamond blue on The One Milano fur fair