Diamond Blue UV protection – formula against “aging” of fur

“Aging of fur” is manifested through its yellowing over time. It is reliably known that the main cause of this negative process is UV radiation.

The company team of the laboratory “NelemiCo” has established and tested a unique technological “antiaging” formula, where the process of fur duration is at least doubled.

It is a technological procedure of preliminary protection of fur, with full application of tested substances of natural origin with maximum safety for the end user, with environmentally sustainable green technology.

Simplifies and reduces the cost of wearing fur, but also confectioning and designing accessories

Diamond Blue with UV protection, development brand of the company “NelemiCo”, specializing exclusively in chinchilla skins.

Thanks to the exclusive specialization for chinchilla skins, through many years of consistent processing of process technology, on the one hand, and on the other, respecting feedback from the market, the expert team of our company noticed the need for preventive and prior protection of our products from harmful effects of atmospheric phenomena .

Aging fur and how to dispose of it

By monitoring the situation in the segment of the behavior of this fur in ready-made products during their exploitation, the following data was obtained:

  1. After approximately three years, assuming an average degree of exploitation of the finished product, this type of fur, in particular, has the phenomenon of so-called fur aging, which is manifested through increasingly intense yellowing of both white and gray and dark areas on the skin.

Quite exact and laboratory-guided analyzes have irrefutably established that this phenomenon is consequently caused by the action of ultraviolet rays, short-wave radiation from the range of the spectrum of sunlight.

After determining the cause-and-effect relationships, the expert team approached the establishment of technological procedures in order to eliminate this negative phenomenon, and from several aspects.

First, it was necessary to select the appropriate substances for treatment and protection, which had to meet additional conditions – to be of completely natural origin.

The second aspect referred to the character of the technological process, which also requires the imperative of environmentally sustainable, so-called green technology.

Third, in addition to sustainability and extended durability of protection, there was a strong insistence on the safety of the end consumer, that is, harmlessness from the aspect of user health, individually, but also responsibility towards environmental protection, on a wider scale.

Laboratory monitoring and product testing

We can state with undisguised pride that the projected goals have been achieved to a more than satisfactory extent.

Our skins more than double the protection period of skins incorporated in finished products: instead of three years, which is the critical time since the first manifestations of fur aging due to oxidation and other chemical processes, the warranty is doubled to seven or even eight years .

It should be emphasized here that this period was previously laboratory tested, and only then the leathers treated with this “anti-age” technology were released on the market, which is why the products from the Diamond Blue range record safe and sustainable growth in the global leather market.

By incorporating our skins into finished products, end consumers benefit the most, because the procedures of revitalization, washing and other types of subsequent protection are delayed for a longer period, which prolongs and doubles the duration of the product in its initial unchanged appearance.

It also increases the market reputation of manufacturers and suppliers.

Accompanying references of the Diamond Blue brand palette

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize that this “antiage” formula is not the only comparative advantage of leather from the Diamond Blue palette, but represents added quality along with other default references: size, silkiness, maximized volume, and especially increased coefficient of elasticity, which are all defining and facilitating. factors both for the diversity of designer creations, and especially through facilitated confectioning, and pushing the limits of feasibility of the skills of masters of fur fashion.

It should be noted that this is a development company brand, which has already gone through several of its improvement phases, from Prime, through Superior and Infinity, to the latest, Diamond Blue SMART Fur Fusion, which harmonized the unification of the most successful performances of chinchilla skin, thanks to long and a successful tradition in the processing and control of finished products.

Participation in fur fairs

  • Nelemi co production of chinchilla skins Milano fur fair
  • Nelemi co production of chinchilla skins Milano fur fair
  • Nelemi co production of chinchilla skins Milano fur fair